World weapons.

In the modern XXI century no one is surprised with the concept of “weapons.” Since its birth, the person faces this notion of death. In early childhood kids are playing original “wars” with toy guns or use for these purposes improvised subjects. Each of us remembers the water guns, crossbows, slingshots. And then insults, bruises, abrasions, fractures… Yes, let’s say there were the times. We’ve got something to remember. But as an adult, these almost harmless fun turns into a bloodbath, but with another kind of weapon – lethal action weapons. And great happiness, if the consequences of this, “fun” will be only bruises, abrasions or fractures. It happens only in the movies. Reality dictates a different outcome. People kill people.

One can safely say that the weapon appeared almost simultaneously with the emergence of consciousness in humans. Since then, it has changed a lot, having passed different stages of development: from primitive clubs and maces to ultramodern firearms and weapon of mass destruction. Modern weapon that has little in common with its predecessor. What is weapon and what is meant by this word?

Weapons are devices, objects, the means used to kill or inhibit the manpower, equipment, communications, buildings of the opposing side (the enemy). There are lots of varieties of weapons today: from cold to weapon of mass destruction. Each world country spends billions of cash equivalents for the development, manufacture or import of weapons. And not always this waste is to protect own state from the encroachments. In practice, the expansion takes place, the dictatorship of political interests and, eventually, enslavement. It brings nothing good for the ordinary citizen, and will not ever bring.

And the modern world weapon is aimed against civilians like us. But weapons don’t decide everything in the world. All the strength is in the truth, and the weapons are only the way.